Custom Powder Coatings

Custom Powder Coatings

Precision Craftsmanship: Tailored Custom Powder Coatings for Flawless Aesthetics and Specialized Masking Requirements

Whether you require flawless aesthetics or have specific masking requirements for your parts, our team possesses the experience and expertise to deliver custom powder coatings tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of precision and attention to detail in achieving the desired finish for your components.

Our extensive track record includes successfully powder coating a variety of parts, showcasing our diverse capabilities. Some examples of the powder-coated parts we have handled include:

  • Motorcycle and automotive parts
  • Museum & tradeshow displays and exhibits
  • Military, aerospace, mil-spec
  • Marine and boating
  • Audio/video equipment
  • Intricate industrial parts with custom masking
  • Architectural power coatings

We have decades of experience in coating with many different types of powders to suit your needs including:

  • Metallics
  • Clear coatings including tinted clears
  • Textured coatings
  • Wrinkle finishes
  • Peel finishes

Whether you are an individual or a company, we can meet your needs for quality custom metal finishes.

Custom Powder Coatings

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